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Counsel and Advocate of India in the case concerning the Enrica Lexie’ Incident (Provisional Measures) (2015)
Counsel and Advocate of Côte d’Ivoire in the Dispute Concerning Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary between Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire in the Atlantic Ocean (2015-present)
Counsel and Advocate of Myanmar in case No. 16 (Dispute Concerning Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary between Bangladesh and Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal) (2010-2011).
Counsel of Japan in case No. 14 (The “Hoshinmaru” Case (Japan v. Russian Federation), Prompt Release) and 15 (The “Tomimaru” Case (Japan v. Russian Federation), Prompt Release) (2007);

Participation in various cases as an arbitrator, a counsel and advocate or a consultant in ICSID, ICC and PCA cases.
Designated to the Panel of Arbitrators of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) by the Chairman of the Administrative Council (2011-present)
Counsel for Kuwait before the United Nations Compensation Commission, Kuwait Investment Authority, Supplemental Interest Claim, UNCC CLAIMS N° 5000158 and 5000184 (2001)
Alternate Arbitrator, Arbitration and Conciliation Court of the OSCE (2001-2013)
Permanent Court of Arbitration cases:
- Counsel and advocate of Slovenia in the case concerning the Territorial and maritime dispute between Croatia and Slovenia (2009-present).

- Counsel and advocate of India in the Bay of Bengal Maritime Boundary Arbitration between Bangladesh and India (2010-2014 – Annex VII Arbitration) and in the case concerning The Enrica Lexie Incident (2015-present).
- Counsel and advocate of France in the Eurotunnel case (2005-2010);
- Counsel and advocate of Sudan in the Abyei case (2008-2009);
ICSID cases (partial):
- Appointed arbitrator by Bulgaria in the case Energo-Pro a.s. v. Republic of Bulgaria (ICSID Case No. ARB/15/9) (2015 - present);
- Appointed arbitrator by Cameroon in the case Capital Financial Holdings Luxembourg S.A.

v. the Republic of Cameroon (ICSID Case No. ARB/15/18) (2015 - present);
- President in the case RREEF Infrastructure (G.P.) Limited and RREEF Pan-European Infrastructure Two Lux S.à r.l. v. Kingdom of Spain (ICSID Case No. ARB/13/30) (2014 - present);
- Appointed arbitrator by Madagascar in the case of Courts (Indian Ocean) Limited and Courts Madagascar S.A.R.L. v. Republic of Madagascar (ICSID Case No. ARB/13/34) (2014 - present);
- Expert mandated by the defendant in the case E.T.I. Euro Telecom International N.V. v. Plurinational State of Bolivia (ARB/07/28) (2009);
- Expert mandated by the defendant in the case Hulley Enterprises Ltd., Yukos Universal Ltd., Veteran Petroleum Ltd (decision on jurisdiction) (2008-2010); merits (2014);
- Expert mandated by the plaintiff in the case Brandes Investment Partners, LP v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ARB/08/3) (2008-2013);
- Consultant for the Republic of the Philippines in the case Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide v. Republic of the Philippines (ARB/03/25) (2008-2009);
- Appointed Arbitrator by Argentina in the case of Mobil Exploration and Development Argentina Inc., Suc. Argenina S.S. v. Republic of Argentina (ICSID ARB/04/16) (2005)
Various arbitration cases:
- Expert mandated by the Claimant in the case of The Russian Federation v. Rovime Inversiones SICAV S.A. (Stockholm District Court) (2013-2014)
- Counsel and lawyer for the Republic of Chad in the case SOFRECO v. Republic of Chad (EDF) (2009-2011)
- Arbitrator designated by Eutelsat in the case Eutelsat S.A. v. Georgia (ad hoc arbitration – friendly settlement) (2007-2008);
- Counsel and advocate for the Kyrgyz Republic in the case Oxus Gold PLC v. Kyrgyz Republic (UNCITRAL) (2006-2008);
- Appointed Arbitrator by Argentina in the case Banka of Nova Scotia v. Argentine (UNCITRAL – suspended) (2005).

President, French Society for International Law (Société française pour le droit international) (2012- )
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, AREVA (2012-2015)
Numerous legal consultations on administrative law and international law at the request of various authorities in France and abroad (French and foreign Ministries of Foreign Affairs), public and semi-public bodies and international organizations (UNESCO and various other organizations; Federation of International Civil Servants Associations (FISCA), staff associations of several international organizations, United Nations University) and private companies.
Associate Consultant, LYSIAS Advocates (Paris) (1993 - 2007)
Consultant-Expert to the Arbitration Commission of the International Conference on Yugoslavia ("Badinter Commission") (1991 - 1993)
Rapporteur of the French Committee Jurists on the Creation of an International Criminal for Former Yugoslavia ("TRUCHE Commission") (1993)
Member of the French Delegation to the E.C.S.C. (Helsinki, 1992, Geneva, 1992)
Legal Adviser of the World Tourism Organization (W.T.O. - Madrid) (1990 - )
Alternate member of the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, United Nations Commission on Human rihgts (1983 - 1991)
Member of the French delegation at the GATT ministerial session (Geneva, 1982), at UNCTAD VI (Belgrade, 1983) and a number of sessions of the Trade and Development Board
Adviser to the French representative on the Working Group of Governmental Experts on the Right to Development, set by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (1981)
Government expert at the UNESCO Congress on Education for Disarmament (June 1980). Report on "Disarmament in the teaching of international questions". Consultant on the same subject (August 1981)
From 1969 to 1975, served on the staff of an Advocate to the Council of State and the Court of Cassation (drafting written procedural documents for applications to the Council of State and to administrative tribunals)
President of the French Association for Disarmament Research and Studies (AFRED) (1979-1982)
President of the Association for the study of external legal policies (POJUREX) (1987 -    )
Director (with P. Daillier), "International and European Law Library" (L.G.D.J. – Lextenso publishers).
- Director (with P.-M. Eisemann), collection "International Law", Economica Publishers.
- Member, Board of Editors of the Annuaire français de Droit International
- Member, Advisory Board, European Journal of International Law
- Member, Board of the Editors, International Criminal Law Review
- Member, Honorary Board, Romanian Journal of International Law
- Member, Editorial Board, Miskolć Journal of International Law
- Member, Scientific Council, Annales de Droit (Rouen)
- Member, Advisory Board, Amsterdam Centre for International Law

Légion d'honneur (Knight, France - 1998)
Palmes académiques (France) (Knight, 1986; Officer 2007)
Knight Romanian National Order “Serviciul Credincios” (Romania, 2009).

Doctor honoris causa (University Estácio de Sá, Rio de Janeiro – 1998; Miskolc University (Hungary), 2000 - Russian Foreign Trade Academy (Moscow) 2002; Faculty of Law (Panatheon) (Athens), 2013.
Manley Hudson medal of the American Society of International Law (2014)
Order of the Double White Cross (Slovakia, 2006)
Commander, Ordre de la valeur (Cameroon, 2003)
Officer, Order of merit (Chad, 1995)
Gold Star of Nahouri (Burkina Faso, sylver medal, 1987)
Associate of the Institut de Droit international (2007) then Member (2013)
Member of the Institute of International Public Law and International Relations of Thessaloniki (Greece, 2001)
René Maheu Prize for the International Civil Service, Special award (1995)
Medal of the Faculty of Law of Granada (Spain, 1992)
Books (as author or editor):
- Les grandes décisions de la jurisprudence française de droit international public (ed. with Alina Miron), Paris, Dalloz, 2015, 790 p.
- Le droit international entre souveraineté et communauté (collection of articles – introduction by F. Baetens, M. Milanovic and A. Tzanakopoulos), Pedone, Paris, 2014, 364 p.
- The Law of International Responsibility (ed. with James Crawford & Simon Olleson), Oxford University Press, 2010, 1296 p.).
- Actualité du droit des fleuves internationaux, Actes des journées d'étude francoroumaines (ADIRI/CEDIN), 23-24 October 2008 (with Bogdan Aurescu), Pedone, 2010, 310 p.
- Droit international public (with Patrick Daillier and Mathias Forteau), LGDJ, Paris, 8th edition, 2009, 1709 p. (2nd edition, 1979, 994 p.; supplement with update of 1st edition by Nguyen Quoc Dinh, 1977, 132 p.); partial publication in Greek (by H. Dipla, Δημοσιο Διεθνες Δικαιο, Το Δικαιο της Θαλασσας, Papaxisis, Athens, 1991, 160 p.) and in Hungarian (by P. Kovács, Nemzetközi Közjog, Osiris, Budapest, 1997, 566 p.); translations in Portuguese, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 2000, 1230p.; 2nd ed. 2005, 1517 p., and in Russian, 2004, 2 vols., Sphera Publishers (Kiev).
- La Charte des Nations Unies, Constitution mondiale? (co-ed. with Régis Chemain), actes du colloque du CEDIN, Cahiers internationaux n° 20, Pedone, 2006, 237 p.
- La Charte des Nations Unies (co-edited with Jean-Pierre Cot), Economica, Paris, 1985; 2nd edition 1991, XIV-1,571 p.; preface by Mr J. Pérez de Cuéllar (work awarded the Lemonon Prize of the Institut de France, Academy of Moral and Political Sciences); 3rd ed. 2005, XV-2363 p., preface by Mr Kofi Annan; translation into Japanese (1993); commentaries of the Preamble and Article 55.
- Droit international pénal, ed. (with Hervé ASCENSIO and Emmanuel DECAUX), Paris, Pedone, 2nd ed. 2012, 1280 p. (1st ed. 2000, XVI-1053 p.).
- Le droit international du développement social et culturel (ed., with Jean-Marc Sorel), Acts of the Round Table organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Paris-North, 11-12 May 1990, L'Hermès, Paris, 1997, 408 p.
- Les fonctionnaires internationaux (with David Ruzié), PUF, Paris, "Que sais-je ?" n°2762, 1993, 128 p.
- Le droit international du développement, Paris, PUF, "Que sais-je ?", n°1731, 2nd edition, 1987, 128 p., 1st edition, 1978. Japanese translation 1989.
- Droit international public, PUF, Memento Themis, Paris, 1981, 154 p. Translation in Japanese, 1992.
- Le cadre juridique de la vie économique internationale, duplicated lecture notes (Institute of Political Studies, Paris, 1981 - 1982); fasc. I : Droit et économie internationale, le droit des relations monétaires internationales, 322 p., updated 1982 - 1983.
- Les voies de recours ouvertes aux fonctionnaires internationaux, Pédone (extract from the Revue Générale de Droit International Public), 1982, 202 p.
- Répertoire de la jurisprudence des tribunaux administratifs internationaux, prepared at the request of FICSA, vol. II, Le droit procédural, United Nations, 1987, 1, 304 p., vol I, Le droit applicable, 1988, 528 p., and vol. III, Le droit substantiel.
- Recherche sur les principes généraux de droit en droit international public, Doctoral thesis, Paris II, 1974 (examining board: S. Bastid, Chairwoman, P. Reuter, M. Virally), 504 p.
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- P. Boniface, Les sources du désarmement, Économica, 1989, 263 p.

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